Your answer to periods, PERIOD.

Your answer to periods, PERIOD.

Hand curated subscription box of organic menstrual products & body love items delivered direct to your door. Proudly created FOR WOMEN, by WOMEN.

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Why should I use organic tampons?

Did you know that non-organic, mainstream tampons (as well as all other sanitary products) are made with regular, pesticide treated, cotton? And that most of this cotton has been bleached and chlorinated during production to whiten the material, with some brands also adding synthetic rayon (a chemically treated byproduct of the agricultural industry used for its absorbancy) and chemical fragrances to the mix?

Regular tampons have been found to have traces of harmful toxic residues

A study carried out by 60 Millions de Consummators, found that residues such as dioxins, insecticides, and glyphosate were found in regular tampons. These toxins can cause cancer, immune system damage, and reproductive problems. Don’t our vaginas deserve a little better than that?!

Organic cotton tampons are made with just that – organically grown cotton. No pesticides, no added synthetic materials and no chemicals or fragrances. This means less irritation, more breathability, and just a safer product for our whole body all-round.

To add a little extra sugar to the mix – organic tampons are not only far more beneficial for our health (and our vaginas most importantly!), they are a more sustainable product that decomposes much faster than other conventional products – saving our vaginas and the planet at the same time, win win!

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“The best subscription package for women in Australia! “

“Each package shows the Crimson Collective crew have thoughtfully selected local, ethical and health conscious products to create their specially designed period boxes”

“Crimson Collective’s awesome monthly period packages have actually made me look forward to getting my period every month!”

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