After spending most of my menstrual life in pain and agony, I wanted to create something that not only brought safe comfort *insert organic cotton tampons here – yes, pun intended!* and positivity to women in Australia each cycle, but also a platform that celebrates all of womanhood – blood included! There birthed the idea for Crimson Collective – a carefully selected, ethically sourced, hand curated subscription box dedicated to all women, and especially to those who suffer the worst – shout out to the Endo Queens! 


“Our mission is simple – empower women to empower themselves, with knowledge and an ability to choose self care, starting with their period.”

Do You Suffer From Endometriosis, PCOS or Dysmenorrhea?

We are living in an era labelled a ‘modern epidemic’, with 1 in every 10 women (that’s 176 million women worldwide!) suffering from varied severities of the crippling, and sadly still very misunderstood within the medical world, disease Endometriosis. This, combined with a whole host of other hormonal conditions, is increasingly making our periods even crappier – as if our period wasn’t uncomfortable enough!

While our period subscription boxes may not cure your symptoms, we hope they will make your period a little less painful, and bring a little self love into your life – like a big warm hug made of chocolate and face masks, and tampons of course! We have personally tried and tested every product that goes into our period subscription boxes to ensure we provide only the highest quality, with a focus on natural, organic and chemical free ingredients.


Did you know there are close to 50,000 women living homeless in Australia as of the 2016 Census (and as that was 4 years ago now, that statistic has probably risen)? That is almost 50,000 women that may not have access to basic sanitary products. To put that into persepective, women average the use of 20 tampons per menstrual cycle – let’s say only 40,000 of those women menstruate (we are probably being lenient, we know), that is a whopping 800,000 tampons per month that homeless women in Australia are in need of!

Given those horrific numbers, are doing our bit to ensure these women have access to the basic rights and products that a lot of us unknowingly take for granted. A percentage of our profits will be either funded directly to, or used to purchase sanitary products to donate to an amazing organisation called The Period Project. This incredible NFP Organisation provide monthly donations of sanitary products to homeless women throughout Australia who do not have access to even the basics. In 2019 The Period Project were able to distribute more than 10,000 Period Packs, providing dignity and relieving pain and anxiety that women experience when they’re sleeping rough and their period arrives.

Want to find out more about The Period Project? Click here to head over to their website and see what amazing work they are doing for Australian women in need.

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“Crimson Collective have the best subscription boxes in Australia! If you’re a woman, you need this.”

We are tirelessly testing gorgeous new products to include in our period subscription boxes each month to keep the delivery forever new and exciting!

TOM Organic

We are proud to supply TOM Organic’s range of organic tampons and pads.

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Did you know that most commercial tampons are full of harmful chemicals that leach into our body with each use?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The best subscription package for women in Australia! “

“Each package shows the Crimson Collective crew have thoughtfully selected local, ethical and health conscious products to create their specially designed period boxes”

“Crimson Collective’s awesome monthly period packages have actually made me look forward to getting my period every month!”