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How does Crimson Collective subscription work?

Simply select one of our 3 subscription box options, select your ‘flow’, choose your frequency of delivery (we offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions), choose your delivery date on the checkout page, and leave the rest to us!

Can I customise my period subscription box?

We work tirelessly to create new and exciting subscription boxes each month, with some of the same core products of course, to ensure you are always receiving something different. However, we also offer custom add-on products that include higher priced items such as the Lunette Menstrual Cup. These ‘add-on’ products are a one time purchase and be added to your cart when you have selected your subscription box.

Does the subscription BOX include free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping for all of your monthly subscription boxes in Australia. We are also very proud to be using Sendle – the first carbon neutral delivery service in Australia. Oh, and did we mention their shipping parcel bags are made from mushrooms and are fully compostable?!

Can I postpone my order?

We understand better than anyone that not every gal is as regular as clock work each month.. Or maybe you’re going on holiday? Or sometimes life just happens. If this is you, just head over to our contact page and request to postpone your order and we will work with you to arrange an new delivery date.

Can I request a bi-monthly delivery option?

We want every woman to feel the crimson love, so we offer Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly subscription options.

How will my package arrive on time?

When you sign up we ask that you select a delivery date 3-5 days prior to the first day of your period. We ensure shipping & handling is brisk, and your period package will arrive on time, every time.

Dreading your next period?

Let us help you help yourself!

Subscribe to one of our monthly subscription boxes every woman deserves for that time of the month.