How well do you know your vagina?


According to multiple studies carried out in recent years, a rather concerning number of women don’t seem to know much at all!

  • A study carried out in the U.S. showed that more than 25% of women were unable to correctly identify a vagina (on a medical illustration)
  • Almost half of British females surveyed were unable to correctly label or identify the function of the vagina!
  • The only part of the female genitalia the majority were able to correctly identify was the clitoris

YouGov further questioned its survey participants about their understsanding of how their own body works, revealing that half of the women did not realise the vagina was ‘self cleaning’ and should not be washed internally. Also worringly, a further 20% of women answered ‘Yes’ to a question asking whether a tampon needed to be removed to urinate – indicating that they did not know the urinated from a different ‘hole’!


 Another study commissioned by Swedish company Intimina discovered a few startling misconceptions around the female reproductive system and what thy thought the function of the menstrual cycle was …

  • One respondent wrote the menstrual cycle “got rid of bacteria” while another called it a “periodical body reset button.”

  • Another woman said “I think the way we pee” and another thought it was the “detoxification of [the] female body.”

  • When respondents were presented with different potential definitions of the menstrual cycle, almost a quarter chose the incorrect response “the process a women’s body goes through to shed excess blood.”

  • Sixty-three percent were able to correctly identify the menstrual cycle as “the monthly changes a woman’s body goes through in preparation for a possible pregnancy.”

If that doesn’t prove that our educational systems worldwide are incredibly vacant when it comes to teaching girls (and boys) about their anatomical bodies, then we don’t know what does!!