TOM Organic

Crimson Collective are proud to be supporting Australian business, and using TOM Organic range of 100% organic cotton. Unlike some conventional tampons, TOM Organic tampons and pads are made with no chemicals, synthetics or plastics. The only ingredient to touch your...

Loco Love Chocolate

All hail Loco Love - quite possibly THE best chocolate your mouth has ever tasted. Big call? Try for yourself in our 'Luxe' Period Subscription Box! Oh, and did we mention they are healthy? Here is a little about Loco Love and they awesome duo behind the chocolate ......

24K Goddess Gold Eye Mask

Love beauty box subscriptions? Our monthly period box subscriptions loves to add a little beauty to each box. You will love the new 24K Gold Eye Mask, bringing beauty and rejuvenation back to you when you need it most – at that time of the month.

Lunette Menstrual Cup

Want an alternative to using a tampon for your period every month? Add The Lunette Menstrual Cup to your Crimson Collective monthly period subscription box & embrace a sustainable period today! Our sustainable, organic period box subscription will change your world.

We recently stumbled across these incredible organic medicinal mushroom elixirs by Four Sigmatic. They offer a range of different mushroom elixirs that include a hot cacao mix, and instant organic coffee mix, as well as various mushroom elixirs. Each elixir has a blend of different medicinal mushrooms which include Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga and Lion’s Mane, and contain a potent 1,000 – 1,500 mg’s per serving.

These mushrooms are powerful adaptogens and have been used for centuries in healing, particularly in Chinese Herbal Medicine. They have been known to reduce stress and inflammation within the body, aid in digestion and stomach issues, increase cognitive function, regulate blood sugar levels and balance hormones. We say Hallelujah to that! Which is why the crew at Crimson Collective have decided to incorporate these wonderful elixirs as a staple in our Organic monthly period subscription box.